How do I access downloads for digital products?

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To access the downloads for digital products you have purchased, follow these steps:


1) Sign in to your account at the Airbrush Action Store. Click on the Sign In link in the top bar navigation.

2) Inside your account, click on the Completed Orders link. (see screenshot below)

3) Click on the Download Files link for your Order.

NOTE: Don't forget to sign out after you're done to secure your account.

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    or we suppose to go to completed orders every other month to read our issues?

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    AirbrushAction Support

    Hi Prezhandymansur, 

    Subscribers of the digital magazine (1 year or 2 years) will receive their issues through email on the first week that a new issue is released. You will receive that on the email address that's on your account in our store. If you change your email address, please submit a support ticket so we can update that on the subscription service.

    - Airbrush Action support

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